Data Collection:

VietnamSalary, in partnership with InsightASIA, is an exclusive portal providing the prestigious salary estimates across industries. The results in the beta version are collected and analyzed based on 63,000 job positions on from January 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2018. The data will be monthly refreshed and updated to timely reflect public needs as well as current offers from market.


The Methodology – Data Processing and Analysis:

The following cases are excluded to ensure the reliability of the information provided:

· When the gap between the minimum and maximum salary of the same vacancy is too distinct (i.e.: six times the difference between both)

· When sample (the number) of each vacancy is less than 20

In addition, we exclude all cases which the companies refuse to share information. The statistics will then be audited based on the number of valid job positions on CareerBuilder during informed period.

Our analysis system does not edit, correct or adjust any data, including the inflation rate and the cost of living. We always guarantee the transparent and original results as compared with the other traditional salary reports in which the “average” or “survey” methodology is applied.

Our team also regularly compares the results with other public and private sources of data to provide better salary information for users.


The Results:

Minimum/Maximum Salary: the lowest/highest salary range on the market that the Employers offer for each searched job position/title.

Average Salary: the standard salary range on the market that most of the Employers tend to offer for each searched job position/title.

Minimum/Maximum Average Salary: the salary range between minimum/maximum and average base that are likely to be offered for each searched job position/title.

Sample (the number) of job is always displayed for users to consider the reliability and credibility of results.


Here is a specific example for the position X.

The position X’s salary information is acquired from various employers and assumed to be verified as validly as follows:


Unit: VND

Minimum Salary

Maximum Salary

Sample 1



Sample 2



Sample 3




Number of valid job samples, n = 3

Minimum Salary = 1.000.000 VND (from Sample 1)

Maximum Salary = 6.000.000 VND (from Sample 3)

Minimum Average Salary = Total of Minimum Salary/Number of samples = (1.000.000 + 2.000.000 + 3.000.000)/3 = 2.000.000 VND

Maximum Average Salary = Total of Maximum Salary/Number of samples = (5.000.000 + 4.000.000 + 6.000.000)/3 = 5.000.000 VND

Average Salary = (Minimum Average Salary + Maximum Average Salary)/2 = (2.000.000 + 5.000.000)/2 = 3.500.000 VND


The salary report for the position X to be shown as below:

Minimum Salary

Minimum Average Salary

Average Salary

Maximum Average Salary

Maximum Salary








The salary information from VietnamSalary’s report is expected to help job seekers and employees get more information for salary increment decision, evaluation of job offers or career development.

After entering the job position/title, location and salary, user will get a highly reliable salary report to compare with the salary range that many employers are willing to pay for those positions. The potential salary ranges from different locations or job levels is also one of the highlighted features to explore.

Additionally, we would also like to help employers keep updated with the latest salary estimates on the market. Therefore, they could plan out more competitive C&B packages/strategies for talent attraction and retention.


In fact, salary range depends on many factors such as job titles, job descriptions, industry, profession, occupations, locations, work experience, type and size of the business-employers, etc. At the moment, we only provide general salary estimates based on job titles and locations in this beta version. Given the current search criteria and results are not yet sufficient to meet the ever-increasing demand of the market, we always welcome the on-going feedback from all users. We surely commit to release the more upgraded versions in the near future. Please feel free to send any query and comment to our mailbox: We greatly appreciate all of your contributions that help us build VietnamSalary into a prestigious salary portal in Vietnam.